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Vol. 86. Issue 6.
Pages 295-300 (01 June 2017)
Vol. 86. Issue 6.
Pages 295-300 (01 June 2017)
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Editors’ corner: Anales de Pediatría annual report
El espacio de los editores: anuario de Anales de Pediatría
Empar Lurbe i Ferrera,
Corresponding author

Corresponding author.
, Laia Alsina Manrique de Larab, Gonzalo Solís Sánchezb
a Editor-in-Chief
b Associate Editor
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Table 1. Professionals that have collaborated as peer reviewers in 2016 (those that reviewed more than five articles are featured in boldface).
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As it has become our tradition, and coinciding with the AEP National Congress,1–3 the Editorial Board reports on the last year of Anales de Pediatría, including its overall situation, the changes that have taken place and the results achieved. Along with the day-to-day work that is reflected in the metrics and the activities that we are about to elaborate, there were two particularly relevant aspects in 2016, which were the simultaneous publication of the Spanish and English editions, and the considerable increase in the visibility of the journal.

There is no question that the past year of our journal was defined by its simultaneous bilingual publication. The fact that Anales de Pediatría is now a bilingual publication increased the complexity of the editing processes, which caused delays in the publication of the English version and had a negative impact on the scientific visibility of the journal. The efforts made have culminated in the simultaneous publication of both languages since January 2016. Under the new process, both versions are available ahead of print 6.2 weeks after the acceptance of manuscripts.

The visibility of the journal, estimated based on the number of visits to the website as well as through the ScienceDirect portal, has increased substantially, maintaining the upward trend that was already observed in 2015.

Processing of manuscripts

In 2016, we received 695 manuscripts, which were distributed as follows: 305 original articles (44%); 167 scientific letters (24%); 9 editorials (1.3%); 12 special articles (2.2%); 12 articles endorsed by the AEP (2.4%); 31 letters to the editor (4.5%) and 157 images in paediatrics (22.6%). We ought to note that while the overall number of submitted manuscripts has not changed, there has been an increase in the proportion of original articles relative to last year (6%), as the number of submissions rose to 305 (44% of the total).

The overall acceptance rate for all types of articles was 33.9%, while the acceptance rate for original articles was 24%, decreasing in relation to previous years (Figs. 1 and 2).

Figure 1.

Annual changes in the total number of received and accepted manuscripts, years 2009–2016.

Figure 2.

Annual changes in the total number of received original article manuscripts and the percentage accepted.


These dates must be considered in the light of the changes in publishing guidelines introduced in June 2014, which included establishing a maximum word count for original articles, the replacement of special article submissions by special articles by invitation, substituting scientific letters for the former brief original articles, restricting the publication of single-case studies to truly exceptional reports, and transforming letters to the editor into a platform for debating editorial issues and previously published articles. Fig. 3 reflects the changes in the number and distribution of the manuscripts submitted to Anales under the new guidelines. The numbers of each type of article published in 2016 were: 64 originals, 41 scientific letters, 23 letters to the editor, and 16 special articles and articles endorsed by the AEP.

Figure 3.

Annual changes in the percentage of original articles, scientific letters and letters to the editor submitted to Anales.


The mean duration of the phases between receipt to the first editorial decision were: time from receipt of manuscript by Anales to assignment of an editor, 1.5 days (administrative interval); time from receipt by editor to submission to peer reviewers, 6 days (editor interval); and time of evaluation by the peer reviewers and decision by the editors, 14 days (evaluation interval). We can see that in 2016 the overall time elapsed in the evaluation of a manuscript has been of 21.5 days (Fig. 4). Adherence to these time frames in the past three years has been possible thanks to the enthusiasm, effort and quality of the work of the reviewers that have at all times supported the journal and the Editorial Board. It is worth noting that 90% of the reviewers submit their reports within the established time frame of 21 days.

Figure 4.

Mean manuscript processing times.


The time from the definitive acceptance of manuscripts to their publication “ahead of print” (that is, their indexing in the PubMed database, making their citation possible) was of 6.2 weeks, with a decrease of one week relative to 2015 and two weeks relative to 2014. In general, there has been a reduction in manuscript processing times, although the time elapsed between acceptance and inclusion in the journal, which continues to be considerable, still needs improvement.

Bilingual edition and visibility of Anales

The bilingual edition includes the original articles, scientific letters, editorials, special articles and AEP position papers. Introduced in June of 2014, we have succeeded in publishing the English and Spanish editions simultaneously since January 2016. In the second year of its bilingual publication, the “” website has received 2236005 visits (Fig. 5), of which 28% corresponded to Spain, 19% to Mexico, 9% to Colombia, 8% to Argentina, 6% to Peru, 6% to Chile, 2% to the United States and 22% to other countries. To these figures, we have to add the visits made via ScienceDirect, which amounted to a total of 815295 (Fig. 6), although in this case the most frequent country of origin was the United States, with 603318 visits, amounting to 74% of the total (Fig. 7). This difference is significant from a quantitative standpoint, but even more so from a qualitative one in that it reflects the obvious visibility gained by Anales de Pediatría at the international level.

Figure 5.

Visibility of Anales de Pediatría. Number of visits to the website.

Figure 6.

Number of visits through ScienceDirect.

Figure 7.

Percentage of visits by country of origin (ScienceDirect).


This year, besides the Anales de Pediatría Award, the AEP decided to grant the Juan Rodríguez Soriano Award for the second time, thus consolidating it as another annual award for articles published in the journal. Both awards recognise the excellence of the selected works and will be presented at the Opening Ceremony of the AEP Congress.

The Anales de Pediatría Award is given to the original article considered to be the best among those published in the journal in the past year. The purpose of the award is to recognise the relevance of a scientific article in the field of child and adolescent health selected among the original articles published by Anales over the past year. It also seeks to advance the renown of the authors and to promote the diffusion of the article. It is selected by a jury that includes, among other members, the three reviewers who have collaborated with Anales most often during the year, and seven members of the AEP personally chosen by the Director of the Executive Board of Congresses of the AEP (Professor Antonio Jurado). In 2017, the award has been given to the original article: Calprotectina fecal como apoyo al diagnóstico en la alergia a las proteínas de leche de vaca no IgE mediada. Carlos Trillo Belizón, Eduardo Ortega Páez, Antonio F. Medina Claros, Isabel Rodríguez Sánchez, Ana Reina González, Rafael Vera Medialdea, José Manuel Ramón Salguero. An Pediatr 2016;84:318–234

In 2016, the Juan Rodríguez Soriano award, created to acknowledge the article cited most often and thus contributing most to the impact factor, has been given to the original article.5

Peer reviewers

The Editorial Board of Anales de Pediatría recognises and is grateful for the efforts made by the reviewers, as their ongoing and uninterested collaboration is key to the editorial process. Table 1 presents the reviewers that have contributed with their work in 2016. We have highlighted the name of those who contributed most to Anales this year.

Table 1.

Professionals that have collaborated as peer reviewers in 2016 (those that reviewed more than five articles are featured in boldface).

Ana  Aguirre Unceta-Barrenechea 
Guillermo  Albaiceta 
Susana  Alberola 
Pedro  Alcalá 
Andrés  Alcaraz 
José Juan  Alcon 
Luis  Aldamiz-Echevarría 
Victor  Alegre 
Carme  Alejandre 
Xavier  Allue 
María Agustina  Alonso 
María Teresa  Alonso 
Jose Lorenzo  Alonso Calderón 
Maria N.  Altet 
Guillermo  Alvarez Calatayud 
Julio  Alvarez-Pitti 
Fernando  Álvez 
Valentín  Alzina Aguilar 
Ana Gloria  Andrés 
Jesús  Andrés Llano 
Anselmo  Andres Martin 
Jose  Angulo 
Montserrat  Antón Gamero 
Jesús  Argente 
Rosa Patricia  Arias Llorente 
Juan  Arnaez 
Leonor  Arranz Arana 
Oscar  Asensio de la Cruz 
Itziar  Astigarraga 
Alejandro  Avila-Alvarez 
Javier  Ayala Curiel 
Beatriz  Azcunaga 
Mª Pilar  BAhillo Curieses 
Albert  Balaguer 
Fernando  Baquero Artigao 
Isabel  Barrio 
Adolfo  Bautista Casasnovas 
Cristina  Belendez 
Mercedes  Belinchon 
Isabel  Belinchón Romero 
Javier  Benito Fernández 
Pere  Berbel 
Ana  Blanchard 
Raquel  Blanco Lago 
Alfredo  Blanco Quiros 
Maria Teresa  Bordel Gomez 
Francesc  Botet-Mussons 
Carlos  Bousoño García 
José-Rafael  Bretón 
Jesús  Broto Mangues 
Mercedes  Bueno Campaña 
Guillermo  Burillo Putze 
Gerardo  Bustos Lozano 
Paloma  Cabanas Rodríguez 
José Eduardo  Calle Urra 
Cristina  Calvo 
Francisco José  Cambra Lasaosa 
Francisco  Cammarata Scalisi 
Minia  Campos Dominguez 
Alfredo  Cano-Garcinuño 
Adela  Cañete 
Ramon  Cañete 
Jose  Carrasco 
Ignacio  Carvajal Urueña 
Juan  Casado Flores 
Felix  Castillo Salinas 
José Ramón  Castro Conde 
M Jose  Cillereulo 
María Luz  Cilleruelo Pascual 
Ana  Concheiro 
David  Conejo Moreno 
Raquel  Corripio 
Marta  Costa-Romero 
Maria L.  Couce 
José  Couceiro Gianzo 
David  Crespo Marcos 
Mercedes  de la Torre 
Teresa  del Moral 
Teresa  del Rosal 
Isabel  Delgado-Pecellín 
Xavier  Demestre 
Juan  Díaz Martín 
N. Marta  Diaz-Gomez 
Ignacio  Díez López 
María Rosario  Domingo Jiménez 
Izaskun  Dorronsoro 
Anna  Duat Rodríguez 
Jesús  Eiris Puñal 
Iñaki  Eizaguirre 
Juan  Elías Pollina 
OM  Escobosa Sánchez 
Beatriz  Espin Jaime 
Mar  Espino Hernández 
Elisabet  Esteban Torner 
Rafael  Fernández-Delgado 
Manuel  Fernández 
Ramón  Fernández 
José  Fernández Navarro 
Fernando  Fernández-Aranda 
María  Fernández-Ibieta 
Israel  Fernandez-Pineda 
Eduardo  Fernandez- Rebollo 
Ana  Fernández-Teijeiro 
Rafael  Ferriols 
Josep  Figueras-Aloy 
Victoria  Fumado 
Jose L  Fuster 
Maria  Garcés-Sánchez 
Milagros  Garcia 
Nuria  Garcia Carbonell 
Enrique  Garcia Lopez 
Ainhoa  García Ribes 
M de los Angeles  Garcia Teresa 
Alfredo  Garcia-Alix 
Emilio  García-García 
Isabel  García-López 
Victor  Garcia-Nieto 
César  Gavilán Martín 
Ángel  Gil 
Javier  Gil Antón 
Mercedes  Gil-Campos 
Concepción  Gimeno 
Borja  Gómez 
Javier Ricardo  Gómez Veiras 
María  González Balenciaga 
Domingo  González Lamuño 
Juan David  Gonzalez_Rodriguez 
María Isabel  González Tomé 
Luis  Gonzalez-Granado 
Manuel  González-Ripoll Garzón 
Mª Dolores  Guerrero-Aznar 
Gabriel  Heras la Calle 
Hermenegildo  Hermene 
Ramón  Hernández Rastrollo 
Maria Teresa  Hernandez-Aguilar 
Belen  Huidobro Fernandez 
José Antonio  Hurtado Suazo 
Dámaso  Infante Pina 
Isabel  Izquierdo 
Rosa  Jimenez Feijoo 
Santiago  Jiménez Treviño 
Donat  Joaquin 
Iolanda  Jordan Garcia 
José I  Labarta 
Lucía  Lacruz Pérez 
Cristian  Launes 
Espinosa  Laura 
Pilar  Llobet 
María  López Maestro 
Juan Carlos  Lopez Robledillo 
Blanca  Lopez-Ibor 
Francisco  López-Medrano 
Jose  Lopez-Sastre 
Carles  Luaces - Cubells 
Ignacio  Málaga 
Serafin  Malaga 
María  Maravall 
Itxaso  Martí 
Ana  Martín Ancel 
Jesús  Martín-Calama Valero 
Antonio  Martínez 
Carmen  Martínez 
Antonio  Martínez Carrascal 
Teresa  Martínez Menchón 
Jose  Martinez-Orgado 
JM  Marugan Miguelsanz 
Juan  Mayordomo-Colunga 
Enrique  Medina Benitez 
Marta  Medrano San Ildefonso 
Maria  Mellado 
Andrés  Mingorance 
Santiago  Mintegi 
Vicent  Modesto i Alapont 
Isabel  Moneo Hernández 
Emilio  Monteagudo Montesinos 
Elena  Montesinos 
Isabel  Mora 
Fernando  Moraga 
Francisco  Morales-Olivas 
Jose Manuel  Moreno Villares 
David  Moreno-Pérez 
Joaquin  Morís de la Tassa 
Manuel  Moya 
Juan  Narbona 
Eduardo  Narbona-López 
María  Navarro Gomez 
Jose maria  Navarro Marí 
Sergi  Navarro Vilarrubi 
Antonio  Nieto 
Antoni  Noguera 
Carlos  Ochoa Sangrador 
Gonzalo  Oliván Gonzalvo 
María José  Ortega Acosta 
Raul  Ortiz de Lejarazu 
Ignacio  Oulego 
Carmen-Rosa  Pallas-Alonso 
Pedro  Parra 
Julio  Parrilla Parrilla 
Samuel Ignacio  Pascual Pascual 
Jaime  Perez 
Carlos  Perez Mendez 
Juan  Pérez Navero 
David  Pérez Solís 
Javier  Pérez-Frías 
Emilio  Perez-Trallero 
Eduardo  Pérez-Yarza 
Merce  Pineda 
Roi  Piñeiro Pérez 
Manuel  Pombo 
Jordi  Pou Fernández 
Manuel  Praena Crespo 
Pablo  Prieto-Matos 
Pardo  Rafael 
Luis  Rajmil 
José Tomás  Ramos Amador 
José Miguel  Ramos-Fernández 
Adrián  Ranera 
Laura  Regueras 
Corsino  Rey 
Isolina  Riaño-Galán 
Carmen  Ribes Koninckx 
Silvia  Ricart 
Segundo  Rite Gracia 
Julián  Rodríguez 
Jose Manuel  Rodríguez Miguelez 
Antonio  Rodríguez Núñez 
Enriqueta  Roman 
Herrera  Rosa 
María Jesús  Rúa Elorduy 
Elena  Rubio 
Ricardo  Ruiz Villaverde 
Naia  Sáez-Francàs 
Enrique  Salguero 
Elena  Sánchez González 
Manuel  Sanchez Luna 
Rocio  Sanchez-Carpintero 
Anna  Sans Fitó 
Mar  Santos 
Fernando  Santos Simarro 
Esther  Serra-Baldrich 
Mercedes  Serrano 
Gonzalo  Solis Sanchez 
Leandro  Soriano-Guillén 
Maria  Suarez Pinera 
Cristina  Suárez-Castañón 
Marta  Suarez-Rodriguez 
Munoz  Teresa 
miguel  tomas 
Ferran  Torner Rubies 
Rolando  Ulloa-Gutierrez 
Javier  Urbano 
Javier  Urbano 
Fernando  Vargas Torcal 
Eva  Vazquez 
Fernando  Vazquez Rueda 
Roberto  Velasco 
Maximo  Vento 
Diego  Vicente Anza 
Juan  Vila_Carbo 
Isidro  Vitoria 

Briefly, the Anales website is going to publish information regarding the articles read most often in the Spanish and English editions in the past three years. Furthermore, it will contain information on the most-read articles in the current issue.

Due to editorial reasons, starting from July 1st Anales de Pediatría will continue to be open to Members of the AEP that access the journal through the AEP website.

We would also like to use this opportunity to thank and congratulate the authors of the articles published in Anales, those that have received the Anales de Pediatría and Juan Rodríguez Soriano awards, as well as our steadfast for their excellent work.

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Please cite this article as: Lurbe i Ferrer E, Manrique de Lara LA, Solís Sánchez G. El espacio de los editores: anuario de Anales de Pediatría. An Pediatr (Barc). 2017;86:295–300.

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