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Vol. 88. Issue 6.
Pages 299-305 (01 June 2018)
Vol. 88. Issue 6.
Pages 299-305 (01 June 2018)
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The Anales de Pediatría editors annual report
Informe anual de los editores de Anales de Pediatría
Corsino Reya,
Corresponding author
, Laia Alsinab, Montserrat Antónb, Alfredo Canob, Gonzalo Solísb
a Editor-in-chief
b Associate Editors
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Table 1. Professionals that have collaborated as reviewers in 2017.
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In this editorial, as has become our tradition, the editors of Anales de Pediatría summarise the proceedings, results and changes occurred in the past year of activity.1 Along with our usual assessment of manuscript processing, the visibility of the journal and the awards given, we review new developments, such as the transition to a new editorial team, actions taken to address the conflicts of interest of editors, the introduction of verification checklists for reviewers, and aspects associated with article submission by authors. The policies and effort of the editors that preceded us2 succeeded in maintaining the upward trend in the visibility of the journal in 2017, and preliminary data suggest that its impact factor has also continued to increase.

Changes in the editorial team

In 2017 there was a seamless transition to a new editorial team that did not result in any delays in the journal's operations.2,3 A competent coordination of this transition has been key to firmly maintain the course established by the previous team to improve manuscript processing and increase the visibility of Anales de Pediatría.

Processing of manuscripts

The total number of manuscripts submitted to the journal has declined slightly, from 695 in 2016 to 640 in 2017, with a concurrent reduction in the acceptance rate, from 33.9% to 25.3% (Fig. 1), which probably reflects the application of more stringent criteria for publication. The analysis of the distribution of submitted papers by type of article (Fig. 2) shows little variation in the past 3 years, with a mild increase in the proportion of original articles relative to the proportion of scientific letters and letters to the editor. Fig. 3 shows the trends in the number of submissions of original articles with the corresponding acceptance rate. The number of articles submitted has remained stable in recent years (between 250 and 300), while the acceptance rate has declined (from 24% in 2016 to 20.9% in 2017). The distribution by type of the articles published in 2017 was the following: 70 original articles (64 in 2016), 28 scientific letters (41 in 2016), 17 letters to the editor (23 in 2016) and 16 special articles and articles by the AEP (16 in 2016).

Figure 1.

Annual changes in the total number of received and accepted manuscripts, years 2009–2017.

Figure 2.

Annual changes in the percentage of original articles, scientific letters and letters to the editor submitted to Anales.

Figure 3.

Annual changes in the total number of received original article manuscripts and the percentage accepted.


The time elapsed from receipt of the manuscript to editorial decision continues to be adequate (Fig. 4): 1.9 days from receipt of the manuscript in Anales de Pediatría to assignation to the editor-in-chief; 5.5 days from editor assignation to submission for peer review; 9.3 days from submission to peer review to the first editorial decision (it has decreased from 14 days in 2016, to approximate the shorter time of 9.8 days in 2015); and 6.2 weeks from acceptance of the manuscript to “ahead of print” online publication and indexing in PubMed, allowing citing of the article, an interval that was exactly the same as in 2016. This interval, achieved in 2016, was three weeks shorter compared to 2014.

Figure 4.

Mean manuscript processing times.

Visibility of Anales

The increased visibility of Anales de Pediatría has been consolidated, thanks, among other factors, to its simultaneous publication in Spanish and English. The number of visits to the Anales website increased by nearly half a million relative to 2016, exceeding 2700000 visits (Fig. 5), with visits made most frequently from Spain (amounting to more than 25% of the total) and Mexico (nearly 20%). For the first time, the number of visits received through ScienceDirect exceeded 1 million (Fig. 6), with 75% of these visits made from the United States (Fig. 7).

Figure 5.

Visibility of Anales de Pediatría. Number of visits to the website (

Figure 6.

Percentage of visits received through ScienceDirect.

Figure 7.

Percentage of visits by country of origin (ScienceDirect).

Conflicts of interest

Given the ongoing debate on the conflicts of interest of medical journal editors and the publication of a letter to the editor on this subject,4 we deemed it appropriate to declare our potential conflicts of interest, while remaining aware of the complexity of the situation and that the matter is not resolved with this decision.5 This statement can be found in a tab labelled Conflicts of Interest newly added to the website of Anales, next to the Editorial Board tab.

Peer reviewers

We feel compelled at every opportunity to emphasise the essential role of reviewers in the smooth operation of Anales de Pediatría. The quality and speed of their work is key in improving manuscript processing times and the selection of the finest articles. Table 1 presents the reviewers that have collaborated with Anales de Pediatría in 2017 in recognition of their invaluable work. One of the new elements we have introduced with the aim of making the review process as precise and organised as possible is the reviewer verification checklist, which is available in two formats: a very short one, which must always be submitted with the review, and another that is longer and of optional submission, available in a document that the reviewer can access through the reviewer's menu.

Table 1.

Professionals that have collaborated as reviewers in 2017.

Susana  Alberola 
Dimpna Calila  Albert 
Andrés José  Alcaraz 
José Juan  Alcon 
Luis  Aldamiz-Echevarria 
Victor  Alegre 
Carme  Alejandre 
Xavier  Allue 
María Teresa  Alonso 
José Lorenzo  Alonso Calderón 
María N.  Altet 
Pablo  Álvarez 
Francisco  Álvarez 
Ignacio  Álvarez Álvarez 
Guillermo  Álvarez Calatayud 
Julio  Álvarez-Pitti 
Fernando  Álvez 
Valentín  Alzina 
Amparo  Sanchís 
Jesús  Andrés Llano 
Anselmo  Andrés Martin 
Montserrat  Antón Gamero 
Juan L.  Antón-Pacheco 
Susana  Ares 
Jesús  Argente 
Juan  Arnaez 
Leonor  Arranz Arana 
Ignacio  Arroyo Carrera 
Josep  Artigas Pallares 
Itziar  Astigarraga 
Alejandro  Avila-Álvarez 
Javier  Ayala Curiel 
Beatriz  Azcunaga 
Mª Pilar  Bahillo-Curieses 
Albert  Balaguer 
Josep Vicent  Balaguer 
Ester  Banus Gasol 
Isabel  Barrio 
Eulalia  Baselga 
Adolfo  Bautista Casanovas 
Mercedes  Belinchón 
Isabel  Belinchón Romero 
Javier  Benítez Porres 
Javier  Benito Fernández 
Josue Eduardo  Betancourth 
Ana C.  Blanchard 
Alfredo  Blanco Quirós 
Daniel  Blázquez-Gamero 
María Teresa  Bordel Gómez 
Francesc  Botet-Mussons 
Carlos  Bousoño García 
José-Rafael  Bretón 
Jesús  Broto Mangues 
Guillermo  Burillo Putze 
Gerardo  Bustos Lozano 
Francisco Javier  Caballero Mora 
Paloma  Cabanas Rodríguez 
Cristina  Calvo 
María  Camacho 
Ana  Camacho Salas 
Francisco José  Cambra Lasaosa 
Minia  Campos Domínguez 
Ramón  Cañete 
Adela  Cañete 
Alfredo  Cano-Garcinuño 
Roque  Cardona-Hernández 
Antonio  Carrascosa 
Irene  Casares-Alonso 
Félix  Castillo Salinas 
Francisco José  Chicano Marín 
María J.  Chueca Guindalain 
M José  Cillereulo 
María Luz  Cilleruelo Pascual 
Eva  Civantes 
Andrés  Concha-Torre 
Ana  Concheiro 
Antonio José  Conejo-Fernández 
Carla  Contreras Narvaez 
María L.  Couce 
José Antonio  Couceiro Gianzo 
David  Crespo Marcos 
Ofelia  Cruz Martínez 
Marta  Cruz-Cañete 
Mercedes  de la Torre 
Diego  de Sotto-Esteban 
Guadalupe  del Castillo Aguas 
Teresa  del Moral 
Teresa  del Rosal 
Xavier  Demestre 
Juan José  Díaz Martín 
Ignacio  Díez López 
Izaksun  Dorronsoro 
Teodoro  Dura 
Jesús  Eiris Puñal 
Iñaki  Eizaguirre 
Juan  Elías Pollina 
Dolores  Elorza 
José Luis  Encinas 
Amparo  Escribano Montaner 
Beatriz  Espin Jaime 
Rafael  Espino 
Mar  Espino Hernández 
Rafael  F-Delgado 
Manuel  Fernández 
Belén  Fernández-Colomer 
José María  Fernández Navarro 
María  Fernández-Ibieta 
Israel  Fernández-Pineda 
Ana  Fernández-Teijeiro 
Josep  Figueras-Aloy 
Joan  Figuerola 
Jose Carlos  Flores-González 
Hijano  Francisco 
Victoria  Fumado 
Manuel  Galán Gutiérrez 
María  Garcés-Sánchez 
Milagros  García 
Pedro  Celiny Ramos 
Nuria  García Carbonell 
Ignacio  García Doval 
Enrique  García López 
Álvaro  García Manzanares 
José Manuel  García Puga 
Ainhoa  García Ribes 
Oscar  García-Algar 
Alfredo  García-Alix 
Víctor Manuel  García-Nieto 
Ignacio  García-Nuñez 
Maite  Gárriz 
Ángel  Gil 
Javier  Gil Antón 
Teresa  Gili 
Ignacio  Ginebreda 
Pedro  Gómez de Quero Masía 
Andrés  Gómez Fraile 
Elena  Gómez Guzmán 
Javier Ricardo  Gómez Veiras 
José  Gómez Vida 
David  Gómez-Pastrana 
María  González Balenciaga 
Hermenegildo  González García 
Domingo  González Lamuño 
Juan David  González Rodríguez 
Susana  González Sánchez 
María Isabel  González Tomé 
Luis Ignacio  González-Granado 
Olivan  Gonzalo 
Miguel Ángel  Granados Ruiz 
José Lorenzo  Guerra 
Arturo  Hernández 
Ramón  Hernández Rastrollo 
María Teresa  Hernández-Aguilar 
José David  Herrero Morín 
Belén  Huidobro 
José Antonio  Hurtado Suazo 
Ignacio  Ibarra 
Estíbaliz  Iglesias 
Dámaso  Infante 
Iñaki  Irastorza Terradillos 
Paloma  Jara Vega 
Santiago  Jiménez Treviño 
Donat  Joaquin 
Iolanda  Jordán García 
Antonio  Juan Ribelles 
Moisés  Labrador-Horillo 
Pablo  Lapunzina 
Juan José  Lasarte 
Cristian  Launes Montaña 
Karimen  León-Flández 
Ana  Llanez 
Jesús  López-Herce 
Blanca  López-Igor 
Eduardo  López-Laso 
José  López-Sastre 
Juan P.  López-Siguero 
Angel  López-Silvarrey 
Mercedes  Loscertales Abril 
Carles  Luaces-Cubells 
María Isabel  Luis Yanes 
Ignacio  Málaga 
Serafin  Málaga 
Ignacio  Manrique Martínez 
Itxaso  Martí 
Ana  Martín Ancel 
Jesús  Martín-Calama Valero 
Carmen  Martínez 
Pablo  Martínez-Camblor 
Antonio  Martínez-Monseny 
Jose  Martínez-Orgado 
Federico  Martinón-Torres 
José Manuel  Marugán Miguelsanz 
Juan  Mayordomo-Colunga 
Silvia  Meavilla Olivas 
Alberto  Medina 
Enrique  Medina Benítez 
Constancio  Medrano López 
Alberto  Mendoza 
Santiago  Mintegi 
Vicent  Modesto i Alapont 
Javier  Molina Garciano 
Elena  Montesinos Sanchís 
Isabel  Mora 
Cristina  Morales-Carpi 
Francisco J  Morales-Olivas 
David  Moreno-Pérez 
José Manuel  Moreno-Villares 
Manuel  Moya 
Teresa  Muñoz 
Eduardo  Narbona-López 
María Luisa  Navarro Gómez 
Víctor Manuel  Navas-López 
Antonio  Nieto 
Antoni  Noguera 
Faustino  Núñez-Batalla 
Esther  Ocete-Hita 
Carlos  Ochoa Sangrador 
Pablo  Oliver Goicolea 
Gloria  Orejón de Luna 
Juan Jairo  Ortiz-Guerra 
Ignacio  Oulego 
Mara  Parellada 
Pedro  Parra 
Julio  Parrilla 
David  Peláez Mata 
Juan Luis  Pérez Navero 
David  Pérez Solís 
Antonio  Pérez-Martínez 
Alejandro  Pérez-Muñuzuri 
Javier  Pilar 
Roi  Piñeiro Pérez 
Manuel  Pombo 
Marti  Pons 
Manuel  Praena Crespo 
Gemma  Pujol Muncunill 
Luis  Rajmil 
José Miguel  Ramos-Fernández 
Adrián  Ranera 
Laura  Regueras 
Luis  Renter Valdovinos 
Corsino  Rey 
Isolina  Riaño Galán 
Itxaso  Rica 
Silvia  Ricard 
Segundo  Rite Gracia 
Josefa  Rivera 
Julián  Rodríguez 
Juan  Rodríguez-Delgado 
Rosa  Rodríguez Fernández 
Antonio  Rodríguez Núñez 
Ana Cristina  Rodríguez-Dehli 
Enriqueta  Román 
Miguel Ángel  Royo Bordonado 
Elena  Rubio 
Lorea  Ruiz 
Ricardo  Ruiz Villaverde 
Jesús  Ruiz-Contreras 
José M  Rumbao Aguirre 
Luis  Salamanca Fresno 
Enrique  Salguero 
Marciano  Sánchez Bayle 
Jesús  Sánchez Etxaniz 
Manuel  Sánchez Luna 
Rocio  Sánchez-Carpintero 
Joan  Sánchez de Toledo 
Manuel  Sánchez-Solís de Querol 
Santiago  Lapeña 
Mikel Aingeru  Santiago Burruchaga 
Mar  Santos 
Fernando  Santos Rodríguez 
Fernando  Santos Simarro 
Jorge  Santos-Juanes 
Oscar  Segarra 
Esther  Serra-Baldrich 
Mercedes  Serrano 
Carlos  Sierra-Salinas 
Gonzalo  Solís 
Leandro  Soriano-Guillén 
María Cristina  Stefanini 
María  Suarez Pinera 
Alfredo  Tagarro 
Mª Ángeles  Tejero Hernández 
Miguel  Tomas 
Ferrán  Torner Rubies 
Juan A  Tovar 
Ramón  Ugarte 
Rolando  Ulloa-Gutiérrez 
Javier  Urbano 
Fernando  Vargas Torcal 
Paula  Vázquez López 
José Luis  Vázquez Martínez 
Fernando  Vázquez Rueda 
Igor  Vázquez-Osorio 
Roberto  Velasco 
Maximo  Vento 
Diego  Vicente Anza 
Isidro  Vitoria 
Ana  Vivanco Allende 

The names of contributors that have reviewed more than 3 articles are displayed in bold face.


Manuscript authors provide Anales de Pediatría with the necessary content to fulfil the journal's mission of contributing to the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of paediatrics. With the aim of facilitating the administrative process of submitting manuscripts through our system, we eliminated requirement of submitting a scanned cover letter with the signatures of the authors, replacing it by notification to each author of their authorship in the article by electronic mail.

With the enactment of the new General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, publishing houses must keep a register of all data processing activities and guarantee privacy in all its systems. In consequence, we can no longer ask authors to submit the informed consent (IC) of patients, nor store such information. To address this issue, we decided to replace the submission of informed consent documentation we previously required with submission of a statement where the authors declare that they possess proof of informed consent and could access it should it be necessary.

As is habitually done in other scientific journals, Anales de Pediatría has now made it requisite to nominate one or two reviewers depending on the type of article. The aim is to promote the collaboration of authors, who are experts on the subject of the article submitted for publication, in the designation of the most suitable reviewers for their work.

Lastly, the Asociación Española de Pediatría remains committed to publishing the articles in Anales de Pediatría, its flagship journal, at no cost to authors, which combined to the free access to the journal by members of the association requires significant efforts in fundraising, all the while preserving editorial independence, which as editors we deeply value and appreciate.


This year, we have once more awarded both the Anales de Pediatría award to the best original article published in the journal, selected based on criteria similar to those used in years past,1 and the Juan Rodríguez-Soriano award in recognition to the article that has most contributed to the impact factor of the journal in 2017. The first award has been granted to the original article “Respiratory viral infections in a cohort of children during the first year of life and their role in the development of wheezing. Cristina Calvo, Isabel Aguado, María Luz García-García, Esther Ruiz-Chercoles, Eloisa Díaz-Martinez, Rosa María Albañil, Olga Campelo, Antonio Olivas, Luisa Muñóz-Gonzalez, Francisco Pozo, Rosa Fernandez-Arroyo, Adelaida Fernandez-Rincón, Ana Calderon, Inmaculada Casas. An Pediatr (Barc) 2017;87:104-10”, and the second to the original article “Probiotic associations in the prevention of necrotising enterocolitis and the reduction of late-onset sepsis and neonatal mortality in preterm infants under 1500g. A systematic review” (Benjamin James Baucells, Maria Mercadal Hally, Airam Tenesor Álvarez Sánchez, Josep Figueras Aloy. An Pediatr [Barc] 2016;85:247–55).


We also want to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate the authors of the works published in Anales and the recipients of the Anales de Pediatría and Juan Rodríguez Soriano awards, as well as our indefatigable reviewers for their outstanding work.

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Please cite this article as: Rey C, Alsina L, Antón M, Cano A, Solís G. Informe anual de los editores de Anales de Pediatría. An Pediatr (Barc). 2018;88:299–305.

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