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Vol. 90. Issue 6.
Pages 329-337 (1 June 2019)
Vol. 90. Issue 6.
Pages 329-337 (1 June 2019)
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The Anales de Pediatría editors annual report
Informe anual de los editores de Anales de Pediatría
Corsino Rey Galána,
Corresponding author

Corresponding author.
, Laia Alsina Manrique de Larab, Montserrat Antón Gamerob, Alfredo Cano Garcinuñob, Gonzalo Solís Sánchezb
a Editor jefe de Anales de Pediatría,
b Editor asociado de Anales de Pediatría,
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Table 1. Professionals that collaborated with Anales de Pediatría as reviewers. The names of those who reviewed more than 3 articles are presented in boldface.
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In this editorial, as has become our tradition, the editors of Anales de Pediatría summarise the most significant aspects that have influenced the course of the journal over the past year. Year 2018 marked the 50th anniversary of Anales de Pediatría, which we could not but celebrate. Furthermore, the Editorial Committee broached delicate subjects such as bioethics in scientific publications, and specifically the problem of plagiarism in the scientific literature. Lastly, manuscript processing and the visibility of the journal maintained its yearly upward trend, and predictions of the impact factor suggest that we will be consolidating the advances achieved in the past few years.

The fiftieth anniversary

In 2018, Anales de Pediatría turned 50. As the editorial team, we wished to review what had transpired during this half century, for which purpose the Paediatrics History Committee produced a special article1 summarising the most important milestones of the journal. The goal was to highlight the development of Spanish paediatrics in those 50 years with the history of Anales as the main narrative thread. We also published an Editorial where the last three editors-in-chief2 expressed our perspectives on the progress of the journal and thanked everyone that has contributed to this upward evolution.

Plagiarism in scientific publications

Last year we addressed bioethical dilemmas concerning scientific publications, which, while well-known in the scientific field, had not appeared to directly affect Anales de Pediatría. The identification of a plagiarised version of one of the articles originally published in our journal led to an investigation that revealed several instances of publication fraud through the publication of translations to English of articles originally published by Spanish paediatricians in journals such as Vox Paediatrica, Acta Pediátrica Española, Revista Pediatría de Atención Primaria or Anales de Pediatría. These translations were published in international online so-called predatory journals. These appalling discoveries led us to the commission of a special article3 reviewing the fundamentals of this growing form of bioethical fraud and the threats faced by the medical journal field, as well as to the writing of an editorial piece4 in which we recounted the events and reflected on the ethics of scientific publishing.

Manuscript processing

The total number of manuscripts submitted to Anales increased from 640 in 2017 to 769 in 2018, which was the highest number in the past 9 years (Fig. 1). The acceptance rate went from 25% in 2017 to 23% in 2018. As for the type of manuscripts (Fig. 2), we found that the distribution was very similar compared to the past 4 years, with a sustained increasing trend in the number of original articles. Fig. 3 shows the trends in the number of original articles and in the corresponding acceptance rates. The number increased significantly compared to 2017 (from 280 to 389). The distribution by type of article of the works published in 2018 was the following: 72 originals (70 in 2017), 36 scientific letters (28 in 2017), 22 letters to the Editor (17 in 2017), 19 special articles and AEP articles (16 in 2017).5

Figure 1.

Annual changes in the total number of received and accepted manuscripts, years 2010–2018.

Figure 3.

Annual changes in the total number of received original article manuscripts and the percentage accepted, 2010 to 2018.

Figure 2.

Annual changes in the percentage of original articles, scientific letters and letters to the editor submitted to Anales from 2010 to 2018.


Figs. 4 and 5 represent the first response time in manuscript processing, with times that were very similar to those of previous years.

Figure 4.

Mean time elapsed to first response (2010–2018).

Figure 5.

Mean manuscript processing time from acceptance to publication (2010–2018).

Visibility of Anales

The visibility of Anales de Pediatría continues to increase, which suggests that the journal is perceived favourably by its readers, whose numbers increase every year. Compared to 2017, the number of visits to the Anales de Pediatría website increased by more than 200000, approaching 3 million (Fig. 6), with visits made most frequently from Spain (26%) and Mexico (21%). This was also the case of the visits to the journal made through the ScienceDirect database , with an increase of more than 200000 visits and 80% of visits made from the United States (Fig. 7). The total number of visits exceeded 4 million for the first time (Fig. 8).

Figure 6.

Visibility of Anales de Pediatría. Number of visits to the website ( (2010–2018).

Figure 7.

Visibility of Anales de Pediatría: number of visits through ScienceDirect (2010–2018).

Figure 8.

Visibility of Anales de Pediatría: total number of visits (2010–2018).


Taking into account that most of our readers access the journal online, we have redesigned its digital platform to try to make it more appealing and user-friendly. Each article features the number of times it has been consulted, which allows the reader to quickly get an idea of which articles are read most frequently.

Peer reviewers

As we do every year, we present the full list of the peer reviewers that have collaborated with Anales de Pediatría in 2018 (Table 1) to express our deep appreciation for their work. Once again, we must highlight the crucial role of peer reviewers in the successful running of the journal. The increasing number of submissions to evaluate required the engagement of more reviewers, whose work is essential in selecting the highest-quality works and in their improvement with their discerning suggestions.

Table 1.

Professionals that collaborated with Anales de Pediatría as reviewers. The names of those who reviewed more than 3 articles are presented in boldface.

Josefa  Aguayo Maldonado 
Sergio  Aguilera-Albesa 
Helena  Alarcón Martínez 
Guillermo  Albaiceta 
Rosa  Albanil 
Dimpna Calila  Albert 
Pedro  Alcalá 
José Juan  Alcon 
Luis  Aldamiz-Echevarria 
Victor  Alegre 
Xavier  Allue 
Jose M  Almerich 
María Teresa  Alonso 
Ángel  Alonso 
María Agustina  Alonso 
Jose Lorenzo  Alonso Calderón 
Laia  Alsina Manrique de Lara 
Maria N  Altet 
Ignacio  Alvarez Alvarez 
Francisco  Álvarez Caro 
Victor  Álvarez Muñoz 
Julio  Alvarez-Pitti 
Fernando  Alvez 
Ana Gloria  Andrés 
Anselmo  Andres Martin 
Jose Maria  Angulo 
Jordi  Anton 
Montserrat  Antón Gamero 
Juan L  Antón-Pacheco 
Cristina  Aparicio López 
José Vicente  Arcos Machancoses 
Erick  Ardela Diaz 
Susana  Ares 
Jesús  Argente 
Gema  Ariceta 
Juan  Arnaez 
Ignacio  Arroyo Carrera 
Alejandro  Arteaga 
Josep  Artigas Pallares 
Oscar  Asensio de la Cruz 
Itziar  Astigarraga 
Alejandro  Avila-Alvarez 
Javier  Ayala Curiel 
Beatriz  Azcunaga 
María Pilar  Bahillo-Curieses 
Josep Vicent  Balaguer 
Albert  Balaguer 
Joan  Balcells 
Jose María  Balibrea del Castillo 
Fernando  Baquero Artigao 
Elena  Barbería Leache 
Isabel  Barrio 
Raquel  Barrio Castellanos 
Eulalia  Baselga 
Adolfo  Bautista Casanovas 
Amaya  Bélanger-Quintana 
Sylvia  Belda Hofheinz 
Cristina  Belendez 
Isabel  Belinchón Romero 
Monica Edith  Bella 
Javier  Benito Fernández 
José  Bernabeu-Wittel 
Ruben  Berrueco 
Ana C  Blanchard 
Alfredo  Blanco Quiros 
Daniel  Blazquez-Gamero 
Maria Teresa  Bordel Gomez 
Francesc  Botet-Mussons 
Carlos  Bousoño García 
Juan  Bravo Bravo 
María Cristina  Bravo 
Anna  Bujons 
Guillermo  Burillo-Putze 
Gerardo  Bustos Lozano 
Francisco Javier  Caballero Mora 
Paloma  Cabanas Rodríguez 
Juan Carlos Molina  Cabañero 
María Jesús  Cabero Pérez 
Maite  Callen 
Cristina  Calvo 
Inmaculada  Calvo Penades 
Joan  Calzada Hernández 
Maria  Camacho 
Francisco  Cammarata Scalisi 
Minia  Campos Dominguez 
Ricardo  Canal-Bedia 
Ramon  Cañete 
Alfredo  Cano-Garcinuño 
Juan J  Carballo 
Alberto  Cárceles Álvarez 
Roque  Cardona-Hernández 
Tapia Collados  Caridad 
Jose  Carrasco 
Antonio  Carrascosa 
Ignacio  Carvajal Urueña 
Paula  Casano 
Irene  Casares-Alonso 
Lourdes  Castello 
Neus  Castells Sarret 
Felix  Castillo Salinas 
Maria J  Chueca Guindulain 
Maria Jose  Cillereulo 
María Luz  Cilleruelo Pascual 
Eva  Civantos 
Gemma  Claret Teruel 
Andres  Concha-Torre 
Ana  Concheiro 
David  Conejo Moreno 
Antonio José  Conejo-Fernández 
Jordi  Costa Colomer 
Marta  Costa-Romero 
Maria L  Couce 
José Antonio  Couceiro Gianzo 
David  Crespo Marcos 
Nerea  Crespo-Eguílaz 
Ofelia  Cruz Martínez 
Marta  Cruz-Cañete 
Javier  González de Dios 
Jaime  De Inocencio 
Diego  De Sotto-Esteban 
Guadalupe  Del Castillo Aguas 
Teresa  Del Moral 
Xavier  Demestre 
Angela  Deyà-Martínez 
Julio  Diaz 
Alvaro  Díaz Conradi 
Juan Jose  Díaz Martín 
N Marta  Diaz-Gomez 
Ignacio  Díez López 
Javier  Diez-Domingo 
Azucena  Diez-Suárez 
María Rosario  Domingo Jiménez 
Joaquín  Donat 
Izaskun  Dorronsoro 
Teodoro  Durá-Travé 
Jesús  Eirís 
Juan  Elías Pollina 
Dolores  Elorza 
OM  Escobosa Sánchez 
Joaquín  Escribano 
Carla  Escribano García 
Amparo  Escribano Montaner 
Rafael  Espino 
Mar  Espino Hernández 
Rafael  F-Delgado 
Manuel A  Fernández 
Nuria  Fernández González 
José Manuel  Fernández Menéndez 
Reyes  Fernández Montes 
José María  Fernández Navarro 
Manuel  Fernández-Alcántara 
Pablo  Fernández-Crehuet 
María  Fernández-Ibieta 
Israel  Fernández-Pineda 
Ana  Fernández-Teijeiro 
Carla  Ferrandiz-Pulido 
Susana  Ferrando Monleón 
Josep  Figueras-Aloy 
Joan  Figuerola 
Jose Carlos  Flores-Gonzalez 
Mirella Piera  Gaboli 
Nuria  García 
Elena  García 
Enrique  Garcia Lopez 
Alvaro  García Manzanares 
José Manuel  García Puga 
Ainhoa  García Ribes 
Oscar  García-Algar 
Alfredo  Garcia-Alix 
Luis  Garcia-Aparicio 
Marta  Garcia-Clemente 
Fermín  García-Muñoz Rodrigo 
Victor Manuel  Garcia-Nieto 
Mercedes  Garrido Redondo 
Mercedes  Gil-Campos 
Helena  Gil-Peña 
Borja  Gómez 
Marta  Gómez Fernández-Vegue 
Andres  Gomez Fraile 
Elena  Gómez Guzmán 
Javier Ricardo  Gómez Guzmán 
Manuel  Gonzalez 
M Teresa  González 
Rafael  González 
María  González Balenciaga 
Isabel  González Casado 
Marta  González de Arriba 
Hermenegildo  González García 
Pedro  González Herránz 
Marina  González Herrero 
David  Gonzalez Jimenez 
Domingo  González Lamuño 
Juan David  Gonzalez Rodriguez 
Susana  González Sánchez 
Marta  Gonzalez Vicent 
Inmaculada  Gonzalez Viejo 
Luis Ignacio  Gonzalez-Granado 
Anes  Gonzalo 
Miguel Angel  Granados Ruiz 
Gema  Grau 
Maria  Güemes 
Jose Lorenzo  Guerra 
María Dolores  Guerrero-Aznar 
Javier Adrian  Gutiérrez 
María Pilar  Gutiérrez Díez 
Arturo  Hernández 
Roberto  Hernandez Marco 
Maria Teresa  Hernandez-Aguilar 
Angel  Hernandez-Merino 
José David  Herrero Morin 
Belen  Huidobro 
José Antonio  Hurtado Suazo 
Ignacio  Ibarra 
Ainhoa  Iceta-Lizarraga 
Dámaso  Infante 
María del Pilar  Jaraba Caballero 
José  Jiménez 
Carlos Javier  Jimenez Alvarez 
Jesús  Jiménez Gómez 
Santiago  Jiménez Treviño 
Javier  Korta Murua 
José I  Labarta-Aizpún 
Lucía  Lacruz Pérez 
Juan José  Lasarte 
Alvaro  Lassaletta 
José Luis  Leante-Castellanos 
Rosaura  Leis 
Karimen  León-Flández 
Ana  Llaneza 
Jesús Andrés  Llano 
Manuela  Lopez Azorin 
Jose  Lopez-Sastre 
Juan P  Lopez-Siguero 
José-Antonio  López-Villalobos 
Carles  Luaces-Cubells 
Maria Isabel  Luis Yanes 
Empar  Lurbe 
Leire  Madariaga 
Berta  Magallares 
Ignacio  Malaga 
Serafin  Malaga 
Ignacio  Manrique Martinez 
Rafael  Marañón 
Purificación  Marin Reina 
Sara  Marin Urueña 
Itxaso  Martí 
Andrea  Martin 
Ana  Martín Ancel 
Carmen  Martínez 
Teresa  Martínez Menchón 
Pablo  Martínez-Camblor 
Juan Miguel  Martínez-Galiano 
Juan F.  Martínez-Lage 
Antonio  Martínez-Monseny 
Jose  Martinez-Orgado 
JM  Marugan Miguelsanz 
Rosa Maria  Masvidal Aliberch 
Daniel  Mata Zubillaga 
Maria Elena  Mateos 
Juan  Mayordomo-Colunga 
Silvia  Meavilla Olivas 
Alberto  Medina 
Enrique  Medina Benítez 
Constancio  Medrano Lopez 
Marta  Mendez 
Santiago  Mintegi 
Vicent  Modesto i Alapont 
Cristina  Molera 
Pedro  Mondéjar López 
Isabel  Mora 
Fernando  Moraga 
Ana  Moráis 
Carmelo  Morales Angulo 
Marta  Morales Ballus 
Antonio  Morales Martinez 
Maria M  Morales Suarez-Varela 
Cristina  Morales-Carpi 
Francisco J  Morales-Olivas 
Antonio  Moreno Galdo 
Gloria  Moreno Solis 
David  Moreno-Pérez 
Jose Manuel  Moreno-Villares 
Manuel  Moya 
Juan  Narbona 
Eduardo  Narbona-López 
María Luisa  Navarro Gomez 
Jose Maria  Navarro Marí 
Victor Manuel  Navas-López 
Antonio  Nieto 
Reyes  Novoa-Carballal 
Ana Pilar  Nso-Roca 
Esmeralda  Nuñez Cuadros 
Maria del Mar  O’Callaghan 
Carlos  Ochoa Sangrador 
Peter  Olbrich 
Gonzalo  Olivan Gonzalvo 
Flor Ángel  Ordóñez Álvarez 
Gloria  Orejón de Luna 
Sandra  Ortigosa Gómez 
Raul  Ortiz de Lejarazu 
José María  Ortiz Salvador 
Honorato  Ortiz-Marrón 
Ignacio  Oulego 
Alba  Palacios 
Carmen-Rosa  Pallas-Alonso 
Manuel  Pan 
Lucía  Páramo-Rodríguez 
Yolanda  Pardo 
Cristina  Parra 
Maria Jose  Parraga 
Julio  Parrilla Parrilla 
Samuel Ignacio  Pascual Pascual 
Salvador  Peiro 
David  Peláez Mata 
Luis  Peña-Quintana 
Vanessa  Perez Alonso 
Rosalia  Pérez Hernández 
Juan Luis  Perez Navero 
Santiago  Perez Tarazona 
Javier  Pérez-Frias 
Javier  Pérez-Lescure Picarzo 
Alejandro  Perez-Munuzuri 
Eduardo G  Pérez-Yarza 
Mark  Peters 
Javier  Pilar 
Merce  Pineda 
Roi  Piñeiro Pérez 
Rosa María  Pino-Ramírez 
Ana María  Plaza Martín 
Pedro  Polo Martin 
Marti  Pons-Odena 
Marcos  Prada Arias 
Manuel  Praena Crespo 
Jordi  Prat Ortells 
Carolina  Prat Torres 
Jose Antonio  Prieto 
Pablo  Prieto-Matos 
Olga  Puig 
Andreu  Puigdollers 
Luis  Rajmil 
Enrique  Ramalle 
José Miguel  Ramos-Fernández 
Laura  Regueras 
Elena  Reimunde 
Agustin  Remesal 
Luis  Renter Valdovinos 
Maria Consuelo  Revert Girones 
Corsino  Rey 
Isolina  Riaño Galán 
Itxaso  Rica 
Silvia  Ricart 
Segundo  Rite Gracia 
Jaques  Riviere 
Ana  Robustillo-Rodela 
Amaia  Rodríguez 
Julián  Rodríguez 
Juan  Rodríguez Delgado 
Antonio  Rodríguez Núñez 
Cristina  Rodríguez-Dehli 
Pablo  Rojo 
Eva María  Romera Félix 
Rosa  Romero Ruiz 
Miguel Ángel  Royo Bordonada 
Lorea  Ruiz 
Marta  Ruiz de Valbuena 
Maite  Ruiz Goikoetxea 
Jesus  Ruiz-Contreras 
Miguela  Saenz de Pipaon Marcos 
Enrique  Salguero 
Hector  Salvador Hernandez 
Marciano  Sanchez Bayle 
Jesús  Sánchez Etxaniz 
Rafael  Sanchez Gutierrez 
Joan  Sanchez-de-Toledo 
Inmaculada  Sánchez-Queija 
Manuel  Sanchez-Solis 
Amparo  Sanchis 
Fernando  Santos Simarro 
Sergio  Santos-Alarcón 
Jorge  Santos-Juanes 
Francisco José  Sanz Santaeufemia 
Elena  Seoane 
Ana  Serrano 
Gonzalo  Solis 
Leandro  Soriano-Guillén 
Juan Carlos  Souto 
Marta  Suarez-Rodriguez 
Xavier  Tarrado Castellarnau 
Miguel  Tomas 
Centella  Tomasa 
Antonio  Torrelo 
Barbara  Torres Guerola 
Javier  Torres-Borrego 
Juan A  Tovar 
Javier  Urbano 
Pedro  Urruzuno 
Blanca  Valenciano Fuentes 
Fernando  Vargas Torcal 
José Luis  Vázquez Martínez 
Fernando  Vazquez Rueda 
Igor  Vázquez-Osorio 
Roberto  Velasco 
Maximo  Vento 
Ramón  Vilalta Casas 
Enrique  Villalobos 
Isidro  Vitoria 
Ana  Vivanco 

The authors of the manuscripts make it possible for us to achieve the mission of the journal by increasing scientific knowledge and facilitating improvements in the care delivered to the paediatric population. We are aware that we reject a high percentage of articles due to the increasing number of submissions. We hope that authors can understand the situation and encourage them to continue to submit manuscripts to our journal, which will be evaluated with due consideration.

In our quest to adapt the journal to the emerging forms of communication through visual media, we have added the possibility of submitting video. We hope that this new way of submitting work will be well received by both the authors and our readers.


The Anales de Pediatría award to the best original article published in the journal was given to: “Antonio Carrascosa, Diego Yeste, Antonio Moreno-Galdó, Miquel Gussinyé, Ángel Ferrández, María Clemente, Mónica Fernández-Cancio. Índice de masa corporal e índice de masa triponderal de 1.453 niños no obesos ni malnutridos de la generación del milenio. Estudio longitudinal de Barcelona. An Pediatr (Barc) 2018;89:137–43”.

The Juan Rodríguez-Soriano award in recognition to the article that has most contributed to the impact factor of the journal in 2017 was granted to: “K. Calvo Campoverde, M.T. Giner-Muñoz, L. Martinez Valdez, M. Rojas Volquez, J. Lozano Blasco, A. Machinena, A.M. Plaza, Reacciones de hipersensibilidad a antiinflamatorios no esteroideos y su tolerancia a fármacos alternativos. An Pediatr (Barc) 2016;84:148–153”.

Asociación Española de Pediatría

The support that Anales de Pediatría receives from the Board of Directors of the Asociación Española de Pediatría (Spanish Association of Paediatrics, AEP) is key to attaining its objectives. One more year, we feel compelled to highlight the efforts exerted to maintain free publication in the journal for the authors as well as free access to all readers. This is one of the main reasons why the visibility of the journal continues to increase year after year. We believe that manuscript authors, most of whom are members of the AEP, greatly appreciate that their articles, once published in Anales de Pediatría, are read by millions of paediatricians and physicians worldwide.


Last of all, we want to express our thanks and congratulations both to the authors of the articles published in Anales de Pediatría and the recipients of the Anales de Pediatría and Juan Rodríguez Soriano awards, as well as our esteemed reviewers for their tireless work.

M.A. Zafra Anta, V.M. García Nieto, F. Ponte Hernando, P. Gorrotxategi Gorrotaxategi, E. Alonso Lebrero, J.I. de Arana Amurrio.
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Please cite this article as: Rey Galán C, Alsina Manrique de Lara L, Antón Gamero M, Cano Garcinuño A, Solís Sánchez G. Informe anual de los editores de Anales de Pediatría. An Pediatr (Barc). 2019;90:329–337.

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